Asia’s Oldest Pride a Huge Success in Manila

Image via Facebook

On Saturday, an enthusiastic crowd  marched for LGBT rights in the Philippines’ capital at the 18th Metro Manila Pride, the oldest pride event in Asia. Advocacy Groups gathered to demand that congress pass an anti-dircrimination bill to protect the rights of the LGBT people. “After eighteen years of marching and shouting for our rights, we still do not have the basic law to guarantee [LGBT] Filipinos freedom from discrimination,” said Goya Candelario, a spokesperson for ProGay Philippines, the group that pioneered the first Pride march in Asia in 1994. The Pride goers marched through the financial district of Makati for the first time, and the groups asked that the Makati local government pass an anti-discrimination ordinance like one passed in the southern city of Cebu. A transgender women’s rights group marched in santa themed dresses with a banner that read ‘Transgender rights are human rights’ and LGBTS Christian Church spread their message that Christianity and homosexuality are not incompatible. See more images on Facebook. [Gay Star News]
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