Attention Flyers: Beware the Lime Shortage

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

Does the right garnish make or break your in-flight cocktail? If so, heads up: this news is for you! You might have noticed that lime prices are through the roof at the grocery store. The reasons for this are complex, and they include Mexican cartels’ market control of limes, as well as biological/ecological anomalies. The rise in prices has made it difficult for companies that are bulk-buyers of limes to keep up with the usual demand. Particularly affected by this change is the airline industry, whose in-flight drink services have been hit hard.

While airlines have not point-blank stopped serving limes with beverages, they will only be available for select flights. So if you like a G&T to calm those mile-high nerves, you might want to get to the drawing board and brainstorm some alternatives! (Lemons are unaffected.) [h/t Jaunted]

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