Australian Artist Tracey Moffatt on View in New York City

Image via Tyler Rollins Fine Art.

Night Spirits No. 7, “Nunnery in Green, Desert in Blue, By the Orange Tree in Yellow,” 2013. Image via Tyler Rollins Fine Art.


Tyler Rollins Fine Art in New York City presents “Spirit Landscapes,” a major new body of work comprising five different photographic series and a moving image piece that represents artist Tracey Moffatt’s return to personal themes relating to family, home, and the land, specifically within the context of her Australian Aboriginal heritage. The resulting body of work reflects on the way her personal story is intertwined with the often tragic history of race relations in Australia.Tracey Moffatt is one of today’s leading international visual artists working in photography, film, and video. Many of her photographs and short films have achieved iconic status both in her home country of Australia and around the world.

Throughout her career, Moffatt hasn’t shied away from controversial themes and storytelling. In her exhibit “Something More,” the artist used herself to depict an Aboriginal woman who “…After a sadistic lesbian relationship, she tries to escape the place, but she dies on the road. Using the style of a set of stills and the technique of staged photography, the series deals with sexual slavery, domination and exploitation of the natives.” [Germ]

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