Australians Use funny Video to Support Marriage Equality.

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi (SGLMG) team could not help but share a hilarious two-minute video created by Armand De Saint-Salvy.

The video pictures a family at a backyard barbecue celebrating the father’s birthday. While all the other members of the family drench their food in barbecue sauce, the son stands up and goes against the grain and bravely announces that he prefers tomato sauce (similar to ketchup) instead of barbecue.

‘Dad, I like tomato sauce,’ he says. ‘No dad, I’m a tomato sauce man always have been.’

The father upset, then storms off. He calms down and then hugs his son.

The video ends with the message “ A simple difference shouldn’t be a big deal”

The commercial exemplifies coming out should be as simple as revealing a preference toward a certain condiment.

Salvy told Gaystar news: “Sexuality really should be as inconsequential as your sauce preference,no-one has to come out about liking tomato sauce do they? And this extends to gay marriage.It’s so sad that still today; we are fighting for basic equality like legalizing marriage for everyone. It really shouldn’t be a big deal”

Since the video has been uploaded to Facebook it has gotten half a million views.

Salvy says, “With divisive politics becoming more prevalent, this theme couldn’t be more timely. It’s about bringing everyone together, race, gender, sexuality, religion…. at the end of the day, we all bleed, fart, breath and burp. ‘




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