Baby Trapped in Thailand Because Dads Are Gay

Photo via Gordon Lake/Facebook

Photo via Gordan Lake

A same-sex couple cannot leave Thailand with their baby because the surrogate mother doesn’t approve of their gay relationship. The surrogate, who is not the infant’s biological mother, refuses to sign the documents required to grant Gordon Lake, an American, and his Spanish husband, Manuel, a passport for the child.

“I was flabbergasted, in a complete state of shock. It’s your worst nightmare in a process like this. I didn’t believe it,” Lake, 41, told The Guardian. “We sent messages back. Hoping there was some sort of miscommunication. We were terrified.”

Now half a year later, the family of four, including the couple’s almost-two year old son Álvaro, are living under the radar in Bangkok, fearing that their daughter will be taken from them.

“She said she thought she was doing this for an ‘ordinary family’ and when she found out that it wasn’t an ordinary family, she was worried for Carmen’s wellbeing,” Lake said. The couple has a new lawyer and plan to begin a court case for full parental rights of Carmen later in the month.

“… Carmen has two teeth already and [Lake’s] son calls her little sister,” the Guardian reports.

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