Barney Frank: Yes There Are Closeted Gay Members of Congress

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In a shock to no one, former Rep. Barney Frank says that there are closeted gay members of Congress. Frank doesn’t have a problem with people keeping their sexualities to themselves, but he does have a problem if they are hypocrites and vote for anti-LGBT legislation. In a discussion about his new book Frank, the famously openly gay politician from Massachusetts told Gloria Borger on Sunday’s “State of the Union,” “Yes — as long as he or she is supportive of legal protections,” he said. “The issue where they lose me is hypocrisy. What I think is unacceptable is to vote a certain set of rules as an elected official and then to violate them yourself. But if you are a Democrat, Republican, whatever, and you vote to allow people to do what you do, then I have no demand that you become public.” [CNN]


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