Ben Carson Says that in His Cabinet Position Gay Americans Won’t be Given ‘Extra Rights’

Dr. Ben Carson, the brain surgeon who doesn’t believe in evolution, made some unnerving comments about LGBT rights when being questioned over his suitability to run the Housing and Urban Development cabinet position. At the confirmation hearing he matter of factly said that LGBT Americans do not deserve “extra rights” when it comes to public housing.

The answer came when he was asked if LGBT protections would be continued to be enforced in public housing.

“You have in the past raised questions about whether LGBTQ people should enjoy the same rights as everyone else,” Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown said to Carson. “Do you believe that HUD has a duty to take actions that promote equal access to housing opportunities for LGBTQ people?”

“Of course I would enforce all the laws of the land, and I believe that all Americans, regardless of any of the things you mentioned, should be protected by the law,” Carson replied. “What I have mentioned in the past is that no one gets extra rights. Extra rights means you get to redefine everything for everybody else.”

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