Bette Midler Teams Up with Harvey Fierstein for Mae West Biopic

Bette Midler's Current Broadway Show. Image via

Bette Midler’s Current Broadway Show. Image via

Bette Midler is set to take on the role of sex-symbol Mae West in a brand-new HBO biopic directed by William Fredkin and written by Tony Award–winner Harvey Fierstein. The movie, based on West’s autobiography Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It, will follow West’s years as a Broadway performer and playwright. Hopefully executive producer Jerry Weintraub can repeat his award-winning touch to the picture after last year’s major success Behind the Candelabra. According to the movie will show the infamous incident in which “City officials raided the theater [that West was performing in] at a performance, arresting and prosecuting West on morals charges, sentencing her to ten days in jail for ‘corrupting the morals of youth.’ Now a media sensation, West continued to find success on the stage; even if her gay-themed The Drag didn’t make it to Broadway, she had a big hit with Diamond Lil. The play took the rising star to Hollywood, where she became one of the highest-grossing stars of the 1930s, never losing her bawdy flavor.”


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