Bird Strike Puts Huge Hole in Nose of Plane

Picture via ABC News

A United Airlines flight from Dallas to Denver struck a bird as it was descending on Tuesday morning. Not just any bird at that, one that was large enough to practically destroy the nose of the plane. Both pilots of the flight declared the accident an emergency, but fortunately they were able to land the plane safely. According to United Airline’s spokeswoman, Christen David, there were 151 passengers on board when the plane was struck and no one was injured. The bird’s remains are currently being investigated by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, in hopes that they can identify the species. Every year, wildlife strikes cause up to $600 million in U.S. civil and military aviation damages, estimated by Since wildlife is indeed wild, airlines manufacture their engines so they can ingest birds up to four pounds safely without putting  passengers at risk. However, anything more than that could endanger the lives of those on board. []

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