Bishop V. Gene Robinson

Our friend Bishop V. Gene Robinson received wonderful coverage in the NYT yesterday, but get to know the first openly gay bishop much better from our profile.

Just as bad management can ruin a branch of the finest hotel, airline, or restaurant group, it can cause damage within what some regard as the biggest business of them all: organized religion. Bishop V. Gene Robinson, who could be dubbed a regional manager (of the Episcopal Church, specifically), is doing his part to re-brand his institution and reach out to those alienated by experiences with bad management.

“What I love is I get a chance to talk to LGBT people who have been treated horribly by the church or mosque or synagogue or whatever, and say, ‘Give God another chance,’” he shares. “God hasn’t gotten this wrong. The church has—just as it got slavery wrong, using scripture to justify slavery and the denigration and subjugation of women. So I get to say to people give God another chance. And, oh, by the way, the church or mosque you left because of how they treated you may not be the one that’s there now because we’re growing and changing, too, and you can find a welcoming place.” ()

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