Blue Macaw Made Famous from Movie ‘Rio’ Officially Extinct in the Wild

The message of the animated movie Rio is alarmingly true to life. In the film, a Spix Macaw named Blu flies all the way to Rio de Janeiro from the US to meet the last-living female of his species. While in the film, the two end up falling in love and having a baby to continue on the species, in real life, the world is mourning the death of the last-ever blue Spix Macaw in the wild. Though, the species isn’t entirely extinct, as some still exist in captivity. BirdLife International says that several species of birds are now extinct in the wild with an astonishing five of the eight in the study becoming extinct in South America. The study says that a large reason for this is the rapid deforestation occurring on the continent.

According to CBS: “While three other bird species named in the study— the Cryptic Treehunter, the Alagoas Foliage-gleaner and the Poo-uli, formerly of Hawaii —have now succumbed to that fight, there is still hope for a number of bird species that the report reclassifies as Critically Endangered.

And at the very least, in the case of the Spix’s Macaw, children for generations to come will still be able to derive joy from their unique beauty – albeit in animated form.”

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