Boxer Tyson Fury Deflects Homophobia Claims by Kissing a Man

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Tyson Fury, the boxing champ on BBC’s shortlist for Sports Personality of the Year, has come under heavy criticism for his homophobic and bigoted comments likening gay people to the end of times and paedophilia.

The Sun is reporting that when Fury was out at a bar this week a gay party-goer took the chance to call him out on his bigoted comments, by saying “I can’t stand you.” The shop manager, Paul Cole, said that Fury responded by saying that he was not homophobic, rubbed Cole’s beard, and then kissed him on both cheeks.

That was enough to convince Cole that Tyson was not the monster he’s been portrayed at in the press. “I’ve changed my mind about him. He’s a big friendly giant who’d float my boat if he was gay.”

Would this be enough to change your mind about Fury?

So far nearly 150,000 people have signed a petition to the BBC to remove Fury from their list. 

Pictures of the kiss can be found over at The Sun.  

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