Boy Scouts of America Vote to Allow Openly Gay Scout Leaders, But New Policy May Still Lead to Discrimination

Image via Passport.
Image via Passport.

The Boy Scouts of America today unanimously voted to approve a resolution to end a ban on gay and lesbian adult leaders, marking another step toward the end of the decades’ long discriminatory ban. The national executive board will now meet to ratify the resolution at the end of the month. The BSoA came under fire when they voted to allow openly gay Scouts, but stopped short of allowing openly gay leaders. Former US Defense Secretary and President of BSoA Robert Gates who famously helped end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, called the policy unsustainable.

Despite allowing gays and lesbians to lead Boy Scouts groups, if ratified by the 80-member board, the new policy will allow groups to set their own policy toward the hiring of openly gay adults. Religious-affiliated groups can still refuse to hire gay people.


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