Buenos Aires’ LGBT-Dedicated Subway Station Brightens Up Commutes with Rainbow Stairs and Artwork

Commuters in Buenos Aires were treated to a surprise as they entered/exited the newly inaugurated Carlos Jáuregui subway station. Previously referred to as the “Santa Fe” stop on the H line, the reopening represents a landmark step forward for the LGBT community in Argentina, and worldwide, as it is the first station in the world to be named after an LGBTQ activist, HIV/AIDS advocate. Carlos Jáuregui was an outspoken defender of human and LGBT rights and was the first president of the Argentine Homosexual Community (CHA).

So, how did they make sure every commuter knew their LGBT history. The subway steps were painted the colors of the rainbow flag! Additionally, Artist Daniel Arzola created murals in the Carlos Jáuregui station and rainbow flags adorn the ticket booths.

Gay couple portraits in buenos aires subway

Image via Buenos Aires Tourism

The Carlos Jáuregui station aims to be a space to recognize the LGBT community and to celebrate inclusion, coexistence, and non-discrimination through an artistic, informative, and educational manner to all visitors to Buenos Aires.

The unveiling of the stairwell and artwork, comes after the New York City subway station adorned the brand-new 2nd Ave. Subway with a gay-couple mosaic.

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