Business Profile, John Lake: Vice-President and LGBT Segment Manager at Wells Fargo

Image via John Lake.

Image via John Lake.

You have to take a step back to see what diversity really looks like,” says John Lake, the vice president and LGBT segment manager on the Wells Fargo Enterprise (national) Marketing Diverse Segments team. It’s a long job title, but one born out of Wells Fargo’s historical commitment to supporting a broad range of diverse populations, way before it was trendy or part of complex marketing strategies.

“We’re addressing the financial needs of diverse customers, and that’s the foundation that everything comes from,” continues Lake. “I’m part of a team that looks at different segments across the country and strategically identifies how we show up for those customers.” Wells Fargo continually strives to gain a better understanding of the financial needs of different segments, including millennials, people with disabilities, and veterans. But for Lake, a connection to the LGBT community has been in his professional DNA from the onset.

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