Business Profile: Yigit Pura

Image via Passport.

Image via Passport.

Yigit Pura, the San Francisco–based pastry chef and winner of the 2010 debut season of Top Chef: Just Desserts is such a devotee of The Little Prince and its gentle reminders to cultivate beauty, to care for others, and to maintain a childlike sense of wonder, that he’s had its iconic cover illustration—a small boy marvelling at a star-spangled universe—tattooed on his right hip.

A stylized graphic interpretation of the Prince’s rose adorns both the walls and the eye-popping red and purple cake boxes at Tout Sweet Pâtisserie (, Pura’s flagship bakery-boutique. Intended to be the first of a small chain, the shop opened last fall inside of Macy’s on San Francisco’s Union Square.

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