Butt Plug or Tree? Paris Residents Uncomfortably Stuffed by Festive/Naughty New Art

Image via Jezebel

Image via Jezebel

You may see a tree, but Parisians are seeing a massive sex toy! It’s like a 3D Rorschach Test in Paris as locals are feeling a bit uncomfortable by a new piece of art by Paul McCarthy in the Place Vendome as part of a contemporary art fair. The 80-foot-high piece of work titled “Tree” is raising eyebrows because of its striking similarity to a butt plug. The artist, who is known for his provocative works, insists that it is meant to be a Christmas tree.  “It’s a tree,” McCarthy says. “If you see a butt plug, well then that’s your own issue, you know? That’s just like your opinion, man. And for someone who’s so against gay marriage, why are you so worried about ass play anyway?”

We’d like to take his word for it, but coming from an artist who once erected a brown piece called “Complex Pile” that had a striking similarity to poop, we think McCarthy has a great way of plugging his work.


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