Caitlyn Jenner Beats President Obama as the Fastest-Growing Twitter Handle

Image via Vanity Fair via Twitter.

Image via Vanity Fair via Twitter.

Kim Kardashian, now this is how you break the Internet. Caitlyn Jenner had a massive day yesterday. Not only did she finally debut her positively stunning new look to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair, but the 65-year-old bombshell instantly took over the Internet trending on Facebook and Twitter almost immediately. Jenner also created a new Twitter handle, @caitlyn_jenner, that gained over one-million followers in just a couple of hours. Jenner’s Twitter popularity has crowned her the fastest number of followers in a given time frame. The record was previously held by President Obama who gained one-million followers in 4.5 hours.

Check out the cool graphic Twitter released about the historic day after the jump…

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