California Legalizes Driverless Cars!

Driverless Vehicles from Google can sometimes be seen driving down California’s Highway 1

In our rapidly expanding age of a technology, a new instance of picking the machine over man was seen this Tuesday in California at the Google headquarters when governor Jerry Brown signed a law which legalized driverless cars.

There is no law which states that cars must have drivers, and in fact Google argues in favor of the added safety that these cars may provide, in eliminating human driving errors, and perhaps proving to be more fuel efficient. Nevada and Florida have also legalized the cars, but California’s law is different in including few restrictions, which Google hopes will normalize the appearance of these driverless automobiles.

In regards to the bill signed on Tuesday, Google said, “Self-driving cars have the potential to significantly increase driving safety.” The statement congratulated the Legislature “for building a thoughtful framework to enable safe, ongoing testing of the technology and to anticipate the needs and best interests of California citizens who may own vehicles with self-driving capabilities one day.” Read more about the new invention in the new york times.

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