Canadians Love Visiting Cuba

Although Americans can’t travel to Cuba, Canadians can, and they love it. This hot destination is expecting a record-breaking one million Canadian tourists this winter. Canada currently has six carriers that fly to all of Cuba’s international airports. Cuba is a popular destination because, although it is warm and sunny, it does not feel as crowded as other Caribbean destinations. It boasts a number of swanky resorts and is known for being safe, affordable, and clean. [The Star]

Earlier this year, legislation to end the 47-year-old travel ban to Cuba was proposed. Same-sex relationships are not recognized by the Cuban government although Havana has a vibrant gay scene. A pole conducted in 2002 revealed that over half of Cuban citizens held negative views of gays and lesbians, but drag shows are a common form of entertainment. Cuba is also known for performing sex-change operations for free. [LGBT Rights]

Nikki Dowling

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