Catholic Church Funds Anti-Marriage Equality Campaign

In a shocking new study by the Human Rights Campaign, NOM Exposed, it has been revealed that the Catholic Church, in conjunction with its affiliate, The Knights of Columbus, have spent around $1.1 million to stop marriage equality in the United States. These funds equate to around 60 percent of all of the money being used to defeat marriage equality in the four states of Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, and Maine this November.

While the Catholic Church has historically denounced gay rights and gay marriage, this report is particularly exposing, as it notes that much of these funds are in fact money intended for schools and soup kitchens, but instead the money is being used to stop same-sex marriage. It is widely suspected that Catholic parishioners have been unaware of the movement of these funds, as a recent study noted sixty percent of registered Catholics to be in favor of marriage equality, and an even further 83 percent admit that they do not feel the need to vote in accordance with political agendas preached by their bishops.

Luckily, support for marriage equality continues to receive hefty attention and support across the nation. More information about how you can help can be found at The Four 2012.

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