Catholic Church Urging Cubans to Reject Gay and Lesbian Marriage

Cuba’s Catholic Church is asking that Cubans reject proposed plans to legally allowed gay and lesbian marriage. The country’s proposed brand-new constitution would make same-sex marriage legal in the country, but not if the church has its way. The archbishop of Santiago de Cuba said that Cubans must not “ignore what nature has give us” for fear of “regrettable consequences.”

has called on the public to reject a plan to legalize gay marriage in the country’s proposed new constitution, describing it as “ideological colonialism” imposed by rich countries.

The online message, the church continued their anti-LGBT message saying that Cubans shouldn’t “change the definition of an institution of the natural order, such as marriage.”

According to France24: “Spearheaded by Mariela Castro, the daughter of former president Raul Castro, the changes to the new constitution would include a provision that defines marriage as between ‘two people’ rather than ‘a man and a woman.'”

The country’s parliament will meet to vote on the new constitution.


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