Catholic Schools Rally Behind Gay Vice Principal

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

Students at Eastside Catholic High School in Washington State are literally sitting behind their Vice Principal who was forced retire after the school learned that he had married his longtime boyfriend. An original protest was planned for Friday, but when students learned that the much-loved Vice Principal Mark Zmuda had retired yesterday morning, word quickly spread calling for a protest. The small group of four that occupied the school’s commons quickly turned to over 100 who began a sit-in. Through text, Twitter, and Instagram neighboring Catholic school Holy Cross learned of the mass action and joined the fight filling their school auditorium. Soon, the parking lot swelled with media, and the school explained to the students that the decision for Mr. Zmuda to resign came from the Archdiocese. Student Caelan Colburn, who was part of the original protest, said of the community:

They need to stand up for what they believe in, whether it’s what the administration teaches or what the archdiocese preaches, being part of a progressive state like Seattle we’ve come to a point where we accept gay rights, accept homosexuals, and I think you ought to stand up for that no matter what anyone says. It’s your beliefs and you’re entitled to your own opinion. And today really showed that Eastside Catholic is a family and not only is a family but the entire community of Seattle Catholic schools are a family.

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