Celebrate National Orgasm Day with 5 Health Benefits of Climaxing

Image via Passport Magazine

Image via Passport Magazine

According to a 2012 Durex Sex Survey of 1,000 American adults, half of people are dissatisfied with their bedroom “escapades” and 37% feel that their time between the sheets ends too quickly.

We at Passport feel this is unacceptable, so in honor of National Orgasm Day, we’re going to share with you some health reasons compiled by LELO on why you should be having more orgasms, because, frankly, you can figure out the other reasons for yourself.


  1. Orgasms are a great natural stress relief and can even relieve pain

Orgasms cause the brain to release the hormone oxytocin, aka the love molecule, which induces feelings of optimism, increased self-esteem, and trust. Studies have shown that a rise in oxytocin levels can relieve pain caused from headache, cramps, and overall body aches, so maybe consider a quickie instead of just popping an ibprofen.

  1. Orgasms boost the immune system

According to the British Medical Journal, there is a strong correlation between orgasms and mortality rates. Apparently, those who orgasm two times a week or more can add up to eight years to their life by boosting immune system, heart health, and even “brain power.”

  1. People who orgasm 4 or more times a week may look up to seven years younger

A survey of 3,500 people by Dr. David Weeks, a British consultant clinical psychologist and former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, found that people who had more orgasms looked younger. According to Weeks, a vigorous sex life was the second most important determinant, after physical activity, in determining how young a person looked. I guess that’s what puts the O in Botox.

  1. Semen has antidepressant properties

Just about every woman has heard this at some point (normally when trying to be convinced of the benefits of unprotected sex or fellatio), but there may be some truth to it. A study from the State University of New York found women who regularly have unprotected sex are less depressed. One theory has to do with semen containing a variety of hormones, like mood-elevating estrogen and oxytocin, cortisol, melatonin, anti-depressant prolactin, thyrotropin releasing hormone and serotonin. With that said, this shouldn’t be the main rationale in such decisions, so please be safe, especially if having unprotected sex.

  1. Orgasms help fight insomnia

Although sleepiness post-coitus is typically attributed to me, orgasms can have a similar affect on both sexes. The release of various chemicals upon climax, like oxytocin and vasopressin, as well as melatonin, which helps regulate sleep. Besides this, its pretty understandable to be tuckered out after a solid, pleasurable, work out.

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