Celebrations Around Finland as Gay Marriage Becomes Law of the Land

As The Bachelor makes his way through the Finnish Laplands in the ultimate hetero showdown, the Finnish people are, more importantly, celebrating same-sex romances across the country. Finland was one of the first European countries to allow registered partnerships (first becoming law in 2002), but the enactment of new legislation grants gay and lesbian couples equal marriage rights (making it the last Nordic country to do so). The legislation began today in the country with wedding celebrations, particularly in Helsinki. Finns have a lot more to celebrate, too. The country will also allow for gay and lesbian adoptions.

“We took the juridical step 2002, when we instated registered partnership. But, that was a second tier kind of marriage. It is therefore important that homosexuals are treated equal to heterosexuals and that the constitution of marriage is available to all,” sociologist Kari Mustola says to Finnish Yle.

The progressive country is on board for the changes, except for the Finnish Lutheran church that remains divided on the issue, and will not allow for same-sex couples to marry in churches. Some bishops have gone against the official church ruling on traditional marriage and are marrying gay couples (there is a website called The Rainbow Priests that’s like Task Rabbit for gay-friendly priests).

We guess this is a great time for the Tom of Finland movie to finally be released!

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