China’s LGBT Tourism Could be Worth $6 Billion

According to a new article by SixthTone, part of a larger series on the changing face of China, it appears that Chinese gay men will become a major factor in the LGBT gay travel market. While laws repress the gay community in China, the article pulls back the vail on a new, younger gay class that is ready to travel. The range of services being tailored to the gay community there is expanding. despite a fragmented LGBT population that is still stigmatized by Chinese society that forces much of the gay population to stay in the closet.

Cuke Travel, launched by two men, are trying to figure out exactly how to tap into the market while Blue Ribbon travel has been the country’s first LGBT-focused travel agency in China and say that they receive much of their business from Chinese men going on Thai weekends.

According to the article: “London-based venture capital firm LGBT Capital estimates that the LGBT population of China is around 90 million and values the country’s own GDP share from LGBT tourism at $5.7 billion.”

And with numbers like that, it’s only a matter of time before more companies make an investment in China’s LGBT future.

So much more info over at SixthTone.

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