Chinese Boss Brings all 6,400 Employees to France!

Image via Buzzfeed

Image via Buzzfeed

Boss of the year may go to Tiens Group’s CEO who brought all 6,400 employees on an all-expense-paid trip to France. Beginning with a two-day trip to Paris (including a private tour of the Louvre)  and then a VIP trip to the Southern resort town of Nice, Tiens group is expected to spend over $15 million during the visit. With over 4,760 rooms booked, France will reap over $20 million from the visit. The group in France also broke a world record. All wearing blue, the team spelled the longest human sentence.

Tiems group, though, isn’t the first Chinese business to bring an entire staff on vacation. Last year, 7,000 Chinese visited the US for the 35th anniversary of Sino-US diplomatic ties. [via the Guardian]

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