Chinese Man Files First-Ever Gay Discrimination Lawsuit

Screen cap via YouTube

Screen cap via YouTube

A video that showed Nanshan police intervening in a fight between two gay men became an Internet meme thanks to one of the men’s little red hat and snappy attitude.  The attention, even got the man signed to a talent agency, but the man, Mu Yi, has said that the video involuntarily outed him, because of the viral nature of the video and is now suing his company who fired him because of the video. This is the first time someone is believed to have sued China’s first-ever sexual-orientation discrimination lawsuit. “Worst thing of all, when I was on break, the company lowered my salary substantially, which is clearly discrimination against me. I can find another job but the discrimination is unbearable. That’s why I decided to file the lawsuit,” Mu said. [Shanghaist]

You can see the video after the jump and one of the remixes made (OK it’s kind of awesome)…

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