Chris Barron Flops on ‘Gays For Trump’ in CNN Debate

Photo via YouTube

Photo via YouTube

It’s fair to say Corey Johnson tore Chris Barron, founder of gay conservative group GOProud, a new one on Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight. In response to Barron’s new “Gays for Trump” campaign, Johnson made a point to mark Trump’s so-called “contributions” to the community, as trivial.

“I think it’s funny that just because [Trump said] the four letters LGBT that [he is] somehow the champion of the LGBT community,” said Johnson. “He met today in New York with a thousand evangelical leaders – a who’s who of the far right – people who have made a professional career of demonizing and denigrating gay people. Donald Trump is against marriage equality, Donald Trump says he wants to remake the Supreme court and make it even more conservative. Donald Trump has never been there for the gay community – he is a megalomaniacal, arrogant crazy person.”

Johnson brought one of Barron’s old Tweets to pass, reminding him that he once called Trump a sociopath. To that, Barron said: “Hillary Clinton is a bigger sociopath than Donald Trump will ever be.”

While Barron’s argument about Clinton’s unsavory ties rang true, the rest of his debate was convoluted at best. At the debate’s conclusion, Barron ended on: “I know the left wants to scare gay people into not even thinking about voting for Donald Trump…If you want people to have equal rights and dignity, then talk about combating radical Islam.”

Watch the video, below:

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