Christian Singer Trey Pearson Causes Stir in New Video with Gay Kiss in Chapel

Trey Pearson came out just last years in an emotional letter to his fans, but the front man of the band Everyday Sunday is’t shying away from living happily and openly. The father of two, who said that it is extremely liberating to be out after being in the closet for 20 years, faced heavy criticism for coming out, including being dropped from music festivals, but his true fans continue to support him.

In his brand-new video, Pearson can be seen kissing another man in front of a church alter after a sermon. The message, though, is cathartic, as the parishioners all applaud the same-sex love.

There’s initially a stunned response to the kiss from the parishioners, before the entire congregation breaks out in applause, including the pastor.

He told the Huffington Post: “[I] thought a lot about how much I wish, when I was younger, there would’ve been somebody that I looked up to. I hope people smile as much when they see [the video] as I do. Hopefully, it can help change people’s hearts on how they view same-sex relationships.”


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