Cocktail Music: IGLOOGHOST’s New ABRA Remix, ‘CRYBABY’

Ahead of Pitchfork Paris Festival, Atlanta’s own “Darkwave Duchess” ABRA shares a revved-up remix of the lead track off her July EP, PRINCESS. Born to missionary parents in New York and raised in South London, ABRA’s luscious new EP off Matador Records has electro-funk roots and global appeal stamped all over it. Brainfeeder producer IGLOOGHOST puts a club spin on “CRYBABY” that might make you weep.

In what reads as the most kawaii (cute) release statement ever, IGLOOGHOST says of his new remix: “The original ‘CRYBABY’ was packed full of sooo many moments that were so nuts to me so I was really excited to try and do my own lil spin on it,” he wrote. “My regular solo IGLOOGHOST stuff is usually super saturated & I guess there’s an emphasis on fitting as many sounds in as I can—but for this ABRA thingy I really wanted to do something really restrained and more based on speedy lil recurring simple melodies/motifs. In my head, it sounds like a little water spirit girl crying in a zen garden ಢ︵ಢ.”

Catch ABRA at the Sugar Club in Dublin on October 21, or on any leg of her upcoming tour, and listen to IGLOOGHOST’s new remix of “CRYBABY,” below, after watching the original video:

Photo via Matador Records

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