Cocktail Music: Iranian Songstress Googoosh

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Iranian singer, Googoosh, made headlines this past February when she released a video for her song “Behesht,” which translates to Heaven. The video, clearly showed the singer’s support of LGBT rights as it follows the love affair of a lesbian couple.  “We knew from the start that because of its topic the video is going to be very controversial among Iranians,” the director told The Guardian. “That’s why we expected negative feedback, too, but that hasn’t bothered me, nor Ms. Googoosh.” The video is accompanied by her powerful lyrics: “The end of this way is not clear, I know as you know/Do not tell me that we should cut off this love, you can’t as I can’t,” they read. “We can’t come back and we can’t cross from this deadlock.”

Googoosh, even after becoming the first big name in music in the region to come out in support of gay and lesbian rights, continues to live in Iran and remains one of the nation’s most treasured icons.

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