Cocktail Music: Ming & Ping

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The 80s inspired American electronic pop band from San Francisco, Ming & Ping, released their new digital EP The Darkness of Night last week. The Hong Kong born identical twin brothers began their career in 2002 and released their first full-length album in 2004, on the label Omega Point Records. The boys are also known for their visual art, costumes and theatrical live performances, and now are signed on to Bao Vo Creative.

The Darkness of Night is first in a pair of “twin” EPs; the second being titled The Light of Day. The current EP is a fast-paced sound with layers of vocal hooks with a more personal and moody edge than previous work of the self-titled 2009 release; shown by the song “City of Angeles” which can be sampled here. The EP’s lyrics are in line with the tone of “Wintersong” from 2007’s Causeway Army.

The band’s music has appeared in snowboarding films and other sports film, television, and promo spots for companies such as Oakley. “Beautiful Things” was featured in 2007 the snowboarding film Picture This.

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