Cocktail Music: The Simmertones Featuring Doris Day, ‘Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps’

“Caprice” (1967) Courtesy of Arwin Productions.

“Caprice” (1967) Courtesy of Arwin Productions.


An English band from Torbay, The Simmertones, has been given a blessing from the one-and-only Doris Day to use her vocals in their latest single “Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.” The single from the ska band is created as though the lead singer, Glyn Wilcox, and Doris Day were actually performing the song together. The band actually approached Day, who is famous for her prolific film career, including hits like The Pajama GameRomance on the High Seas, and Pillow Talk, and requested her permission to use a sampling from the song. Doris quickly gave permission along with Sony Music, and the single has received praise from Day fans, as well as listeners throughout the world who have been downloading the hit.

To buy the single, click here. Enjoy!

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