Threatening Letters from Parents Force Gay Teacher to Move

After receiving threatening letters from parents for coming out, a teacher was forced to move from his school and state in order to find peace. Michael Hill decided to come out to parents and students at Nemaha Central High School in Kansas on National Coming Day, but soon found out that the community’s response was less than ecstatic for him. “Things got ugly,” Hill said, “and I started to fear for my own well-being.”

The school and Hill began receiving hate-filled letters including some with violent threats. One even said that if he didn’t leave the district than the parent would “…take matters into my own hands.” The threats became actualized when he found that his tires were slashed and the word “faggot” was written in the dust on his car.

Hill eventually was forced to move from the district after his medical leave ran out. He is currently living in Palm Springs.



“It’s a good place for me to be right now,” he said, “at this point in my life.”

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