Commercial Space Travel May Be Closer Than You Think

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The days when we will be able to travel through outer space may soon become a reality. Blue Origin, a private company owned by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, working in conjunction with NASA towards developing future methods of space travel, launched a successful unmanned test mission this Monday, bringing the company that much closer to their hopeful reality of safe and affordable space travel. The success marks a steady progression of new developments by the company, whose eventual aim is to develop reusable, commercial space taxis for crew and cargo vessels. Monday’s launch was intended to demonstrate the emergency evacuation system of their New Shepard Crew Capsule, simulating how a crew would abort launch in case of a faulty take-off, with a “pusher escape motor” releasing passengers within the vessel from a launch vehicle, parachuting them to safety. As stated by Ed Mango, the Manager of NASA’s commercial crew program, the successful test is seen as being “really encouraging for the overall future of human spaceflight.”

After the jump, check out the video of the successful test flight, originally posted by Blue Origin.

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