Community Fights Back Against Skating Rink Where Trans Boy Was Kicked Out

It was supposed to be a great night for two young transgender boys who decided to attend a boys-only skate night. The 12-year-olds in Iowa were told that the skating night at the Super Skate rink wasn’t a “social experiment” and asked to leave. The news of the incident broke after one of the boy’s family friends posted about it on Facebook, while the other boy’s father confronted the owner

LGBTI activist, Tommi Karma, put together a protest outside the rink to show support for the young boys. “We are all part of this community and we all want to participate and we should all be treated with respect and dignity,” Karma told local news station, KCRG-TV9. “The community will be here for these young men and anybody else who faces discrimination.”

So far the rink has refused to comment.

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