Contemporary Berlin Style: Hot New Fashion Designers

Image via Stox

Image via Stokx

Spend any time in Berlin and you’ll immediately note that Berliners have a dress code all their own. It is a sense of style rooted not in excess or glitz and ostentation, but instead in a playful sense of practicality. Cool, unassuming, well-tailored, clean, and undogmatic are just a few of the benchmarks of the style of Berlin.

Here we introduce you to three designers whose designs epitomize the style of Berlin. Individually, each has a voice that rings out loud and clear in the chorus of designers whose work captures the stylish spirit that sets Berliners apart. Collectively, they represent a trio of perspectives that reflect the past, present, and future of Berlin style.

Keep reading over at Passport magazine and find out some more top Berlin designers.

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