‘Coronation Street’ Actor, Rob Mallard, Comes Out as Gay

Believe it or not, there is still a lot of fear from closeted gay actors that the audience won’t be able to perceive the actor as “straight” after coming out, but thankfully Coronation Street cutie, Rob Mallard decided to reveal his true self. The 25-year-old plays the straight Daniel Osborne, Ken Barlow’s son on the long-running UK show.

“I never planned to keep it quiet that I was gay…The only concern I had at first was if I’m with a female character, will an audience who knows I’m gay in real life believe it? ‘But that was just my own fears because I do believe they will,” he told the Gay Times.

In real life, Mallard has been out since 18, and is surrounded by a group of friends and family who are described as “non-plussed.” ‘I was very fortunate,’ he said. ‘I had a very non-plussed family and it’s become the subject of warm, friendly general humor over the years,” he added.



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