Could the Flying Car be Commercially Available by 2015?

Image via Terrafugia

Image via Terrafugia

My grandfather on New Year’s of 2000 proudly proclaimed to the table, “I always dreamed I’d live to see the year 2000!”

“How is it?” we all asked, expecting some perspicacious retrospect.

“Well, there aren’t any flying cars!” he lugubriously said.

Every generation has had dreams of the future. Jetson-esque fantasies that almost always include flying cars. Now, thanks to a company called Terrafugia, childhood dreams may come to fruition. The company has announced a transition design that combines both a sedan and a private two-seat jet. The current working model allows pilots to take off, land, and then drive their planes home. The Massachusetts-based firm, though, has recently unveiled new plans for a TF-X model that promises to take off sans runway and could fit in a garage. The company also thinks the new model could be commercially available as soon as 2015. 

If a flying car becomes commercially available, how will it change the travel industry?

Check out a video of the model after the jump…

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