Countdown to Cuba, Commercial Flights to Resume to Cuba

Photo by Denis Dean for Passport.

Photo by Denis Dean for Passport.

A new agreement between the governments of Cuba and the United States hopes to resume commercial flights between the two countries for the first time in more than a half a century.

According to the State Department: “This arrangement will continue to allow charter operations and establish scheduled air service, which will facilitate an increase in authorized travel, enhance traveler choices and promote people-to-people links between the two countries,” according to the announcement.”

That doesn’t mean just anyone will be able to hop on a flight to Havana. The United States still will bar people from visiting the country if their sole reason is tourism. Proper visas will still be required. It does mean, though, that airlines can submit US-Cuba service proposals to the department of transportation, and eventually schedule commercially available flights.

Currently only charter flights are in place, but that will all soon change as major airlines like JetBlue and American Airlines are the two US airlines vying to become the go-to airline to the Caribbean nation. [CNN]

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