Country Music Star Ty Herndon Comes Out as a ‘Happy Gay Man’

Ty Herndon. Image via Facebook.

Ty Herndon. Image via Facebook.

With 17 Billboard hits and nearly two decades in country music, country music star Ty Herndon has come out of the closet. The singer of the song, “Lies That I Told Myself,” tells ET that he is now an “out, proud, and happy gay man” who hasn’t come out of the closet until now because he feared that he wouldn’t be accepted in country music. Married twice before, the singer admits that they both were both aware of his sexuality.

What made him come out now? “During an Anthony Robbins seminar, I realized I had an incredible story that could possibly help someone’s son or daughter or grandchild’s life not be as difficult as mine has been,” he tells PEOPLE. “Maybe they wouldn’t have to go through as much pain and suffering. It’s time to tell my truth.”

Sorry boys, the 52-year-old Mississippi boy says he is happy with hsi partner and hopes to one day get married and have kids.

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