Country’s First Latina Queer Sheriff Poised to Resign to Run for Governor of Texas

Lupe Valdez made headlines when she became the country’s first and only queer Latina sheriff. Now, the popular law enforcer is setting her sights on becoming the governor of Texas, a move that would pin her against one of the country’s most anti-LGBT politicians. While the move hasn’t been confirmed by her office (though rumors are rampant that she is about to resign from her position), the Texas Democratic Party confirmed her attention to run with her office saying she is “…considering the next stage in her career.”

The country’s first and only queer Latina sheriff is reportedly planning to run for Texas governor in 2018, facing off against one of America’s most anti-LGBTQ politicians.

First, though, the 70-year-old must win the Democratic nomination, and, if she does make it that far, she would go up against Greg Abbott who is known for his anti-LGBT agenda that includes his highly criticized transgender bathroom bill.

Valdez came on the national spotlight when she addressed the 2016 Democratic National Convention in which she urged people to unite against hate.

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