Cyndi Lauper Outraged by Washington’s Neglect of Homeless Gay Youth

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In a recemt article published by Rolling Stone, the Grammy and Emmy award-winner and LGBT spokesperson, Cyndi Lauper, blasts the United States government for the lack of aid given to homeless gay and lesbian youth. Lauper recognizes the problem by saying:

“In most cities across the country, resources to help LGBT youth are already scarce, and every night, thousands of young people are left to sleep on the street and find their own way through the dark. Cuts in federal funding for the programs that already stretch every dollar to help these kids would make this bad situation even worse. To think that these youth, who have already suffered rejection from their families, could be turned away from programs meant to give them a safe place to stay is an absolute outrage.”

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Lauper, who founded the True Colors Fund in order to engage everyone (especially straight people) to become involved with advancing equal rights for the gay, lesbian, transgender community, has also launched a project, Forty to None, which is dedicated specifically to ending LGBT youth homelessness. In her Rolling Stone article, Lauper is straight-forward, offering no-nonsense advice to the American people considering Washington’s approach to the budget issues:

“We need to cut through the abstract jargon and tell Congress to set aside partisan differences and adopt a sustainable plan that protects life-saving services for LGBT youth and other marginalized populations, including senior citizens, people of color and women.”

Lauper’s article can be read in whole here.

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