Cyndi Lauper Shows Her Support for LGBT North Carolina

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

As an avid supporter of the LGBT community with her non-profit organization, The True Colors Fund, Cyndi Lauper has announced that she plans to donate any profits made on her concerts in North Carolina to Equality North Carolina, the state’s foremost LGBT advocacy organization. In addition, Lauper’s manager and agent will also kindly donate their commissions made at the artist’s concert on June 4.

In the statement below, Lauper explains her reasoning behind the decision to play on, and how she plans to turn her North Carolina concert into a rally of sorts, all an in effort to overturn the anti-gay law HB-2.

“I have seen time and time again what can happen when people join together to do what is fair and the effort to repeal HB2 is the right and fair thing to do. I am hopeful that all of the current efforts to repeal HB2 will be successful and the True Colors Fund and I will continue to do all that we can to help. In that vein, the best way I know how to make a difference is what I have strived to do my whole life and that is show up for my family, friends, and fans in the LGBT community. So, for that reason I think the best way I can do my part is to turn my show in Raleigh on June 4th into an entire day to build public support to repeal HB2.”

Lauper continues, “I will be donating all of the profits from the show to Equality North Carolina’s efforts to repeal HB2 and I am proud of my manager and agent for joining me in this effort by donating their commissions from the show to this vital effort. I look forward to coming to North Carolina and standing up for equality and fairness. If we truly want an inclusive society, we all have to include ourselves in the effort to make that happen. This is the best way I know how to include myself and urge you to join me in the best way you know how.”

North Carolina has seem hundreds of jobs lost in the wake of HB-2’s passing. More than 120 companies have spoken out against the bill’s anti-LGBT rhetoric and dangerous implications for trans people. Fox 8 reports conclude 650 jobs were lost when both PayPal and Deutsche Bank decided to cancel planned expansion efforts in-state. Cirque du Soleil has also announced that it has cancelled performances in Greensboro, Charlotte, and Raleigh.

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