Cyprus Celebrates First Public Gay Wedding Ceremony

cyprus wedding

Image via Passport

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus celebrated its first-ever gay marriage. Couple Marios Frixou, 36, and Fanos Eleftheriades, 26, held a family- and friend-filled affair with the Nicosia District Officer officiating the wedding. Although homosexuality on the island has been decriminalized, couples still aren’t legally able to marry, but can enter a civil union.

The couple made their way to a massive reception, where they danced to Greek music, and ate a traditional whole pig.

“We wanted to give courage to other couples and to all gay and transgender people to accept themselves and not to be ashamed of who they are,” says Frixou. “We’ve gotten scores of messages from people telling us how much courage we’ve given them.”

These two men hope to inspire other couples to symbolically tie the know. [ABC]


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