Darwin, Australia Puts Up Massive Mural to Transgender Icon

It’s almost Pride for Darwin, Australia, and the city is celebrating the transgender community that has made a difference in the country. Darwin Pride, now in its 33rd year, put up a massive mural of iconic sistergirl Shaniquá TiwiSista on one of their buildings. Sistergirl is the word used by the aboriginal community to refer to transgender women (with brotherboys referring to transgender men).

The mural celebrates all of the community’s transgender men and women

“I’m so proud and I feel very privileged to be on this wall … I’m not representing myself but all the other girls, my fellow Tiwi sistergirls… this for you mob all,” TiwiSista wrote. “This is a incredible and a historical piece to celebrate our achievements to acceptance and respect in being ourselves… Tiwi island is leading the way to show that acceptance and love is important to the LGBTIQ+ community.”

Pride starts tomorrow.

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