Dead N’Orleans Diva: Life of the Party!


Right: Via Twitter; Left: ScreenCap via YouTube

Right: Via Twitter; Left: ScreenCap via YouTube

Bianca Del Rio, Ashley, and now Cathryn “Mickey” Easterling—this week’s headlines make it increasingly clear that NOLA has no shortage of true divas. Easterling, a prolific New Orleans socialite, died last week at 83 years of age, but not before she could leave an unusual request. Per her instructions, Easterling’s body appeared out-of-casket at her own wake, dressed opulently in a pink boa. The look, it almost goes without saying, wasn’t complete without a restrained and bejeweled pin, which prominently featured the word “bitch.” Death becomes her! Check out a video of the wake by clicking here.

Literary fans will be intrigued to learn that Easterling was a longtime companion of novelist Paul Bowles, whose wife Jane is famed in gay circles for her queer/camp classic, Two Serious Ladies.

As Easterling’s daughter said of her mom’s unusual choice, “It’s a really nice way to say ‘The party’s over.’” [via Death and Taxes]

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