‘Death Trap’ Peformance Censored Then Canceled in LA Due to Gay Content

Image via LAGLC

A last-minute revocation of performance rights by the late author Ira Levin’s Estate caused the cancellation of the highly anticipated performance of Death Trap by the Davidson/Valentini Theatre at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center. According to the LA Times: “Levin’s estate revoked permission to stage the murder story, citing an instance of nudity that occurs near the end of the first act in the center’s staging, according to Jon Imparato, a producer of the revival. In one scene of the production, the character of Clifford, a young, aspiring writer with shady motives, disrobes and reveals his backside to the audience. Imparato said the nudity lasts for approximately 30 seconds.

After a couple of appeals, the LAGLC was granted the right to produce the play under the condition that “the staging would not include any behavior indicating a physical relationship between Clifford and his older male mentor, Sidney. Because of these restrictions the Center decided to cancel the performance all together. [LATimes]


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