Delta Throws In-Flight Pizza Party for Stranded Passengers

Delta Throws In-Flight Pizza Party for Stranded Passengers

Passengers on flights diverted and stuck thanks to a widespread storm in the United States’ Southeast received an unexpected surprise, and it wasn’t the surprise layover. Delta decided to turn the miserable situation into an impromptu pizza party. This isn’t Delta’s first-time serving up everyone’s favorite food for stuck passengers. In 2015 a pilot treated his flight to pizzas after they were grounded due to bad weather.

More than 700 pizzas were ordered for air passengers in Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

It may may have made a bad travel experience a little better for passengers, but we know one thing for sure, it was a real good day to own a pizzeria.

Delta buys pizza for passengers after canceling 300 flights

Delta buys more than 450 pizzas for passengers after canceling hundreds of flights due to severe storms in the Southeast.

Posted by ABC News on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Image thanks to Dellin’s Twitter.

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